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Before (from South)

plan before with walls to be removed

main level

upper level

Addition to Ballard Home

The original structure is a 1911 craftsman comprising approximately 904 square feet. A previous owner had also enclosed the covered porch in the back yard, which created a somewhat awkward 15’ x 7’ bedroom. This back room, built over a crawl space, was removed to make room for the addition

The design seeks to enlarge the house from it’s current two bedroom, one bath into a more functional three bedroom, two bath home. The addition also encompasses a large home office for both husband and wife, who each work primarily from the residence. This office steps down to grade to better connect to the garden, as well as enable higher ceilings to emit southern light deep into the space.

The addition location allows most of the construction to occur with minimal disruption to the main living areas of the home. New stairs will connect the office to the basement, which will also allow the removal of the steep, narrow stairs occupying a valuable corner of the kitchen.